The basic difference between day schools and boarding school is the presence of hostels. Boarding Schools, such as ours contain hostels used to accommodate its students and make them as comfortable as possible.

Regina Pacis contains four completed hostels and one in progress. Each hostel is built in its own unique style but they are all equally comfortable.  They all have inbuilt toilet and bathrooms with hot water facilities. The bedding system is that of double bunks which are arranged in such a way that each student shares a corner with three other students. Each student is also assigned to a locker, to keep her personal belongings.

The hostels are:

  • Bishop Okoye
  • Cardinal Onaiyekan
  • St. Francis and
  • St. Johns.

Bishop Okoyehas six halls unlike St. Johns which has just three halls. St. Johns is the smallest hostel and contains air conditioning facilities. Cardinal Onaiyekan, which is the biggest, is a two story building with five halls and St. Francis the newest with four halls.

All the hostels are very well ventilated and have matrons who ensure that the students are constantly comfortable and obey the rules of the hostels which are very basic. Comfort is guaranteed in Regina Pacis hostels, as a lot of consideration and effort are put into ensuring that the hostels feel like a home away from home.

2nd Term Result 2020/2021 Session

Dear Parents, the 2nd term results for 2020/2021 have been published. Please, use the same card pin you purchased online (for checking the 1st term result) and the admission number to check the results. The Card Pin is valid for one academic session (it would be used to check for 3rd term results as well). Thank you.