Every year we recognize academic and non- academic excellence of the students by giving them prizes deemed fit to congratulate them for their achievements. The prizes represent the fruit of their hard work and the effort taken by them to be one step ahead of the others. This is just a challenge that should encourage every student to work hard and believe that failure is only a postponed success.

Non-Academic Awards

Prefects: This award serves to recognize the leadership and collaborative effort of the prefects in maintaining order and efficiency in the running of the school.
Other Categories: This award recognizes particular behavioral excellence by various students in the school. Nominated by the student council and ratified by the Principal, it rewards the non-academic brilliance in the student body.

Academic Awards – Honour Roll

Overall Best: This award prestigiously recognizes the top students with the best cumulative term averages from their various years. These are the best performing students of the year.
Academic Pillars: This Academic Pillars award is conferred on those students who have at any time achieved a top three term average from each arm in a particular year for the terms covered. This serves to recognize the efforts of the best performing students in each class.
Best in Subjects: This award serves to recognize the best performing students in individual subjects. It marks out students with the best aptitude in a particular field.

Regina Pacis has become a household name on the lips of those who refer to quality education with impeccable standards.

Rev. Fr. Christopher Inegbenoghu
Director , Catholic Archdiocese Education Board

2nd Term Result 2020/2021 Session

Dear Parents, the 2nd term results for 2020/2021 have been published. Please, use the same card pin you purchased online (for checking the 1st term result) and the admission number to check the results. The Card Pin is valid for one academic session (it would be used to check for 3rd term results as well). Thank you.