Academic Structure

The school currently hosts all classes from Junior Secondary to Senior Secondary Secondary. All Classes are divided into these four arms:

  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Red

All Junior students are sorted equally into all the available arms in each session. The Senior Secondary classes are however, grouped according to vocational aptitude. The science oriented classes consist of the Gold and Red arms of classes and the Arts or Humanities oriented arms consists of the Blue and Green classes. Transfers are preferably done in SS1 in order to minimize the backlog of material a student has to cover upon transfer.

The subject disciplines in the schools are hosted under three main faculties:

  • Faculty of Science and Mathematics
  • Faculty of Humanities and
  • Faculty of Business and Technology.

All subject disciplines are hosted under these three faculties with further subdivisions into Departments.

Regina Pacis has become a household name on the lips of those who refer to quality education with impeccable standards.

Rev. Fr. Christopher Inegbenoghu
Director , Catholic Archdiocese Education Board

2nd Term Result 2020/2021 Session

Dear Parents, the 2nd term results for 2020/2021 have been published. Please, use the same card pin you purchased online (for checking the 1st term result) and the admission number to check the results. The Card Pin is valid for one academic session (it would be used to check for 3rd term results as well). Thank you.